Simplify complex sales into data-driven steps

Unlock your sales team's full potential by synthesizing insights from CRM, call recordings, and emails.

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Why Otom?

Sales reps dedicate under 28% of their time to selling, hindered by administrative duties and cognitive overload from frequent context switching.

Transform Your Sales Process
Otom is an AI-driven Sales Enablement Platform that significantly streamlines complex sales processes, integrating seamlessly with CRM, emails, and calls to provide actionable strategies for sales teams.
Your Competitive Advantage
AI Insights Engine: Sales reps have information on their prospects and deals everywhere. Otom compiles and processes all of this data, offering actionable strategies that shorten sales cycles, enhance engagement, and improve conversion rates.
Experience Meets Innovation
With 20+ years in complex sales and successful founder acquisitions, we uniquely leverage AI and machine learning to redefine sales enablement, blending deep industry expertise with advanced methods.

How does Otom AI Work?

OTOM uses fine tuned AI and with data in your client interactions while providing a systematic approach in following up with alerts and hyper specific messaging.

Data Analysis

We aggregate and analyze data from various sources to identify stage-specific checkpoints and gaps in the sales process.

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Insight Generation

Leveraging AI, we generate deep insights into customer behavior and sales interactions.

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Recommendation Delivery

Based on these insights, Otom provides context-specific actions and strategies, empowering sales teams to act decisively and effectively.

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What can OTOM do for you?

Who are the power users for Otom?

AEs & Sales Reps doing complex sales - you'll save time focusing the most important deals and what to say to move the sale forward. Head of Sales- can also best see how the team is tracking towards goals and attainment.

Is my data safe and secure?

Our company prioitizes data security and ethical use of AI, employing stringent measures to safeguard user information and prevent unauthorized data utilization, alinging with industry best practices.

How much time does it take to setup?

Setup takes just 5 minutes. Here's how: 1. Click 'Sign Up'. 2. Connect your accounts. 3. Add accounts to follow. Start jamming immediately!

What's the best way for my company to contact you for custom integrations or feedback with Otom?

Reach out to us at with your requests and feedback. We're currently developing exciting new features. Sign up for our waitlist to get early notifications about our latest product releases!


View what our customers have to say about OTOM

OTOM has revolutionized our sales process. The sales engine is incredibly efficient and have saved us so much time. Thank you, OTOM!

Akshaya Srivatsa